5 projects NFT on the aptos ecosystem

  1. Postman DAO
    Postman DAO is designed with the Aptos Postal Service idea where NFT is used to provide interest to all Postman NFT holders. Apart from NFT, holders can also get $Mark Tokens. The total supply owned is 10,000 NFT Postman.

  2. Rekt Dogs
    Rekt Dogs is one of the first NFT projects designed on the Aptos blockchain. This NFT project is one of the NFT projects that has a lot of fans with more than 44,000 followers on Twitter and more than 43,000 members on its Discord channel. Reporting from Crypto TV Plus, the total supply of NFT Rekt Dogs reaches around 6666.
    Talking about the first NFT, this is the first NFT in the world ever and it was created back in 2014.

  3. Aptos Human Club
    The Aptos Human Club Collection consists of 7777 NFTs on the Aptos Blockchain. The NFT has gone through testnet printing on the Aptos network, and it provides whitelist holders to print on the mainnet.
    The Aptos Human Club NFT is also offering $HMN tokens as a reward to holders who stake their NFTs. Aptos also said that they have plans to have a Human Club marketplace, launchpad, and games.

  4. The UgliesNFT
    The Uglies is a collection of non-fungible ‘rabbit-looking’ tokens on the Aptos blockchain. The Aptos team decided to add a vault for The Uglies DAO, for which 40% of royalties will go.
    The Aptos community will also decide how the funds will be used to develop the Aptos ecosystem in the future. Currently, Aptos’ NFT The Uglies project has more than 16,000 followers on Twitter and 9,000 members of the Discord community. Until now, the launch date of NFT The Uglies has not been announced.

  5. Insilva
    Insilva’s NFT is one of the unique NFT projects capable of bridging the virtual world with the physical world. Therefore, NFT holders have access to physical clothing. Currently, NFT Insilva has more than 15,000 followers on Twitter and 8,000 members on Discord.
    Not only the 5 NFT projects that are being run by the Aptos blockchain, there are several other NFT projects that can also be traded, including Aptos Punks, Aptos Ant Club, Aptoads, Unicornses, Aptos Chads, Aptos Alpha Alpacas, Bruh Bears, Aptos Drippy Dragons, Womxn of Aptos NFT, Aptos Ape Society, Aptos Bulls, Aptoast, Heroes of Aptos , Aptos Aliens, Aptos Koala and Aptos Robots.


Nice summary @ridhogant98. Woulda been nice if you included thier links but still very top insightful summary