3brds 1stone strategy p2

Bridge optimisVisit layerswap.io, Connect Wallet Bridge From Arb - Starknet, Set Amount & Paste Your Starknet Wallet & Click Swap Now & Approve TX In Argent Wallet

You Can Bridge From Optimism To Starknet, But I Used Arbitrum Because Of Cheaper Transaction Fees

By Bridging, We Have Made A Transaction, But You Can Visit jediswap.xyz & Make Swap From Eth To Usdt, To Even Our Chances

Next Visit orbiter.finance & Bridge From Starknet Back To Arbitrum

You’re Come These Far, You Have Just Positioned Yourself For 3 Possible Airdrops

→ Starknet
→ Argent
→ Orbiter Finance
→ Bonus Jedi Swap

All That Is Needed Is To Become A Regular User & Interact Frequently To Even Your Chances For The Drop


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