2023; The Crypto BullRun Year

It’s no news that the Bitcoin halving which will lead to the reduction in the total circulation of BTC is almost upon us. For every halving, Bitcoin always creates an ATH (ALL TIME HIGH).

Now this is where it gets interesting; 2023 is the year of the water rabbit according to the Chinese calendar. 2023 sees in the Year of the Rabbit, which begins on January 22. In Chinese culture, the Rabbit is a symbol of longevity, peace and prosperity. 2023 is predicted to be a year of hope.

Every narrative will be centered on Rabbit this year and early next year, alongside the upcoming Bitcoin halving, this is going to be a BULL RUN the world has never seen before.
Micheal Saylor, Elon Musk and Chelsea posted about the water rabbit.

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66% supply burnt
Ownership renounced
Liquidity locked forever

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