2023 is the "Airdrop" year, and that's only the beginning

For a few months now, we have noticed that many projects have chosen the Airdrop: Arbitrum, SUI, Shardeum. And today, APTOS. And this is a good thing.

The essence of Web 3.0 is to build decentralized projects with the community.

Imagine the billions of dollars invested every year in advertising. What if these projects, instead of investing these billions in stupid ads, invested them directly to their potential consumers?

That’s what these projects do, and they all get it. Instead of fattening up advertising promoters, they give back to the community and thus create waves of excitement and buzz. By giving back to the people, they not only help people around the world, but create communities that will be indebted to them.

2023 is going to be the year of the airdrops, and I think it’s just beginning :rocket:


@delight-ibk take a look at my post mate! Tell me what do you think of it

@drwasabi great

yes but this time Sui did not done Airdrop Honestly