1kx.exchange-Single token liquidity AMM/DEX, better capital efficiency and smaller IL

  1. Single token liquidity provision—better capital efficiency for projects to kickstart their liquidity/token emission without having to pair token with USD(s) or another token for liquidity provision.

  2. 0 impermanent loss when token price goes down, when the token price moves upward, there is impermanent loss but much smaller than traditional AMMs.

  3. Users will be able to borrow from liquidity pools, deeper liquidity for traders/borrowers. Higher APY for liquidity providers

  4. Profit sharing: 1kx share profit to 1kx investors by distributing it directly to 1kx holders/stakers( details TBD).

  5. Optimized stable swap with very low slippage.

  6. OSD stable coin-Medium of exchange as well as unit of account on 1kx.exchange

  7. Less costly to swap since there are maximum 2 hops to swap any asset to each other. Maximum fee rate is 0.3% for any swap, maximum 0.06% fee rate for stablecoin swap.

  8. Onchain perpetual swap/margin trade, which offers much higher transaction throughput and faster transaction execution.(Perpetual requires price oracle, which is not ready on Aptos)

  • Value Proposition to the Aptos Ecosystem
    1KX proposes a novel design of AMM/DEX which is even unseen on other mainstream blockchains such as Ethereum, Solana or BSC. 1KX solves several major issues with current DEX/AMMs such as capital inefficiency, impermanent loss, etc. 1KX is the first protocol that brings lending liquidity and swap liquidity together, resulting a much deeper liquidity pool for both traders and lenders/borrowers.

  • Milestones with Deliverables + Timeline
    Highly depends on Aptos progress as it’s still in devnet, we will start coding when at least testnet is live

  • Team: Skills, Experience & Motivation
    Team members have background in world’s top 10 internet giant, highly skilled, built wallets, block explorer, etc.

  • Technical Architecture Overview, if applicable
    More details available in 1kx docs linked on our website.

  • Key Risks & Challenges
    Main concern is the difficulty building smart contract with Move language, which none of our devs have used before and may delay the planned launch time, but we are good learners.