$100 to over $1,000,000

A came across a wallet that aped $pepe some months back with $50 and was made over $200,000. I’ve also come across wallets that had over $6k and was worth $30 in a short while.

Degen trading involves trading without full research on preferably low market cap tokens (or gems).

Of course it’s advisable to do research on whatever token you are buying into, but what happens after buying, how long do you think that project plan to run, any based utility? Who and who is talking about that project, what are their plans for the long run? And good tokenomics!?

These are questions degens don’t bother to ask.

Degens buy tokens as quickly as they can after the contract is deployed in hopes to make quick X’s and most times, end up making life changing money.

But as I said in one of my previous articles, it’s also one of the fastest way to lose your money in trading DeFi.

A comment said in that article said "of course, Degen is good because investing in like Bitcoin could take forever to make reasonable profit. And he’s right, there are various ways to make money in the space and Degen happens to be one of the fastest, and as we all know, nothing good comes easy.

So if it’s so easy to lose money trading Degen, how do one become profitable?

First hand information, and strategy.

After studying various wallets and losing a lot of money trading Degen, I’ve come up with an amazing strategy that might just be the missing piece, and I’ve made so much connections in the space, I can’t wait to make my first million dollar, and this might be an opportunity for you too.

Don’t just take your loses trading Degen, learn from each lose and gain too. Find the patterns, and more importantly make connections so that you can always get first hand information.

If you have no idea what some of the terms I used in this article means, kindly comment below and I’ll explain better.