10 popular Web3 tools (Continued)

  1. Etherspot
    Etherspot is a multichain smart-wallet platform that helps reduce the number of steps needed for Web 3.0 transactions, which can improve the user experience. It also supports various tools for connecting Web 2.0 apps to blockchain networks. Account abstraction is a significant feature, allowing users to execute multiple blockchain transactions with a single click.

  2. Fluree
    Fluree is an open source blockchain database to help developers integrate legacy data applications into a blockchain. It supports graph databases, analytics and master data management on dApps.

  3. Hardhat
    Hardhat is an Ethereum development environment with various tools to manage and automate recurring tasks. It allows developers to run Solidity locally and test and debug Solidity code on their laptops before deploying into live dApps. Hardhat also supports features for performing stack traces and generating explicit error messages when problems arise.

  4. OpenZeppelin
    OpenZeppelin provides an assortment of tools to help developers build, automate and run dApps. OpenZeppelin Contracts is a modular smart contract library that supports industry best practices, while OpenZeppelin Defender provides a secure operations platform for smart contracts.

  5. Solidity
    Solidity is a popular language for implementing smart contracts. It allows developers to create programs that run on Ethereum Virtual Machine, the runtime environment for executing applications on the Ethereum blockchain. Solidity also supports the Hyperledger Fabric blockchain. Developers often use some of the other tools on this list, like Alchemy, OpenZeppelin and Hardhat to help create and debug Solidity apps.


Thanks for keeping us informed about these helpful resources for Web3 development!


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