1- Errors detected

1 -Add tokens in martian wallet.

I am not able to add other coins to the Martian wallet, I put the address for example: 0x141fb1a55fdd74c3eb4f47bff4186ae79d7713f1cce6e250f6d1dbbe0a6876e6::coins::BTC
and it simply does not unlock to add, even pressing add does nothing. In devnet and testnet. on the other hand, when Aptos Swap is used, it is possible to send, for example, to usdt. creating it the wallet automatically. (devnet)

2 - Error in martain wallet, constantly

3 – Argo

Sometimes the borrow and vaults data doesn’t appear on the argo it’s always in the loading engine for minutes, you have to try to exit and enter the portfolios several times and repeat the processes again

4 - error performing faucet on bluemove with wallet petra and martian.

5- Errors in Mobius

I couldn’t work with Mobius, always giving errors due to not reading the coins, nor being able to do the faucet

6 - omnibtc, doesn’t work correctly,

7 - Proton:

errors in the proton claim, not being able to move forward, the same thing happened in the creation, in creating a sale it happened exactly the same. error

Minutes later: (reloading)

8 – In topaz
I could not mint the topaz trooper, giving the following error:

{ “sender”: { “address”: “0xdb7d6f35cd4597969a6c9e57b0d9a46b13df1e5508e6ad5d1e0a48aa15d129a3” }, “sequence_number”: 2 , “payload”: { “value”: { “module_name”: { “address”: { “address”: “0x8074388f09c35db76d66c783bd2dfbe680f2110113a2284def36343a6bfcfc7f” }, “name”: { “value”: “nft” } }, “function_name”: { “value”: “mint” }, “ty_args”: , “args”: } }, “max_gas_amount”: 999999 , “gas_unit_price”: 100 , “expiration_timestamp_secs”: 1664026528 , “chain_id”: { “value”: 2 } }

even not clicking on claim, it opened several martian windows.
I believe it’s due to the value at martian, but at petra it worked without problems mentioning, the slowness of the site and even the portfolio when I did the approval… a long time to wait for something to progress…
Even loading it only once, this systematically happened:

9 - Enchanter Finance , hippo, mojito markets– perfect


You should approach the relevant projects via discord and seek for help friend.


Martian wallet is not official wallet !
Use Petra wallet - that’s one official !


Aptos Testnet tokens not able to claim via airdrop option showing error coins failed


Very true I agree with you

Facing this issue in faucet


Change devnet to testnet


I think both of them are ok.

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I have the same problem.
Did u find solution for this problem?


i found out