1/4 how to sustain web 3 money

There is a saying don’t give me fish, rather teach me how to catch the fish. Many people know how to catch fish but can’t nurture the fish to reproduce more fish. Catching the fish isn’t what matters but rather the ability to use the fish you caught to yield more fish.
In Web 3 space, A lot of people make a lot of money in crypto and Web 3 generally but they keep losing a lot to the market and keep going in circles in their finances. This results from a lack of good management skills and a lack of economics knowledge. You might be among those who make the most in this space but why can’t you sustain your resources?
HAVE seen people making thousands of dollars from airdrop but after a few months, they return back to their initial state before the drop and they start grinding from crash after losing a lot of funds to the market or outside the crypto space

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