0% Slippage Trading on Aptos?

Hey All!

I’m coming as a builder who deployed a dapp on Terra, looking for a potential new home for a strong defi project.

We built Tsunami.finance, a spot and perpetual futures dex that provides some the strongest most consistent yields to LPs that can be found in any ecosystem.

We are a strong team of builders and really like the vibe of Aptos as well as Move.

We would like to discuss potentially deploying to Aptos and seeing how receptive the community would be to a 0% slippage spot and perps dex like us coming to the ecosystem :slight_smile:

*** Project Name / Organization: Tsunami Finance**
*** Project Description: Goals, Plans, etc.**

  • To enable perpetual futures and spot trading with 0% slippage
  • Attract capital to Aptos through strong sustainable yield
  • Democratize access to market making for all
    *** Value Proposition to the Aptos Ecosystem**
  • Attract and retain capital to the ecosystem
  • Provide the best UX for a trader seeking to margin trade
  • Minimize liquidity fragmentation across the ecosystem
    *** Milestones with Deliverables + Timeline**
  • Funding to devnet in 4 months
  • Mainnet in 6 months
    *** Team: Skills, Experience & Motivation**
  • Crypto builders since 2017
  • Launched the product on Terra just before Terra imploded
    *** Technical Architecture Overview, if applicable**
  • Similar to balancer, but with a price oracle and an intuitive margin system
    *** Key Risks & Challenges**
  • Execution Risk: Can the team deliver the dex as designed.

Would love to hear the community’s feedback :slight_smile:

At a high level obviously 0% slippage sounds great. But… there are a lot of reasons this theme is not more popular and has historically failed. Can you better explain how you plan to accomplish 0% slippage? It might be neat to talk to Pontem Network, the future dex of Aptos. Anyhow, it is really cool you are looking to come build on Aptos and I would love to hear more!


Great question! Yes we have an explainer of the mechanisms at be written out in our docs, my apologies for not including it earlier. Tsunami Finance - Tsunami Finance

In short you can think of it as balancer with a price oracle instead of a constant product price curve.


sorry to hear that you guys launched on Terra just before it crashed

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Great project. You have chosen the right blockchain to migrate to. Aptos can’t fall apart like Terra! Good luck with your project and learning the Move language :grin:

Extremely helpful initiative! I hope Aptos can be a new home for you :house_with_garden:

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Wellcome to Aptos Eco system

It would be great! I think slippage on DEXs is one of the biggest problem, especially for huge deposits